Are you ready to create and live a life that you absolutely LOVE?

Are you going through a divorce or separation?  Is your relationship over?  Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused about your life?

If so, taking part in The Healthy Divorce Program will:

•  Take you from “woe is me to WOW is me”!
•  Empower you to take control of your life!
•  Teach you how to get let go of upset and anger!
•  Build your support network and make new friends!
•  Create healthy and connected relationships moving forward!

The Healthy Divorce Program

More than 97% of the participants surveyed reported that the Healthy Divorce Program profoundly changed the way they handled their divorce, separation, break-up  and gave them the confidence, inspiration and ongoing skills needed to create a dynamic and enriching life that they loved, following the end of their relationship.



Discover the 7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce.  These simple Principles underpin the Healthy Divorce Program and will guide you through a more positive divorce  and separation experience.

The 7 Principles show you how to successfully move through the stages of loss, fear and rejection to live your new, authentic life by making healthy choices and standing in your own truth.

You will learn that you are in control of your divorce.



You will apply The 7 Principles in a practical  way to find breakthroughs and solutions to whatever drama is going on in your relationship breakdown or divorce.

The 7 Principles are incredibly powerful tools that will help you to discover how to transform your life, enabling you to live with new-found freedom, insight, balance and joy.

Applying the 7 Principles will see you move through your divorce or break-up with self-respect and dignity.


Once you learn and successfully apply The 7 Principles taught in the Healthy Divorce Program, you will be able to integrate these Principles into your day-to-day life.

Imagine being able to let go of your feelings of fear, anger and confusion and being able to embrace your life from a healthy place with new insights and self-awareness?

In fact, the habits and skills you learn in the Healthy Divorce Program will guide you to manage any future challenges that life throws your way.

Trust yourself, heal and be inspired to create a life you LOVE.

Join the Healthy Divorce Program today…

What people are saying…

Adele, 25

“When I started the program with Pamela, I was a mess. My 2 year marriage had just ended- I found what Pamela taught in the program were life skills that I never got anywhere else.”

Tom, 52

“I loved the program, because the principles I learnt, I now apply in my life. I love that I can get curious not furious — especially at work, where I deal with difficult clients!”

Mark, 34

“After I completed the program, I realised that life is too short! I wasn’t going to spend my life in a battlefield with my ex-wife. I was ready to let go, forgive and move on.”

Margaret, 69

“I’ve had 3 marriages and after  I listened to Pamela’s 7 principles – I realised that I didn’t fail- in fact  each one has taught me so much about myself , relationships and life. Today I live with a renewed energy and aliveness .”

Program Details


The Program is held at Suite 604, 267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

We are close to Town Hall, Museum and Central Stations.



Next dates in 2019:

Dates to be confirmed



$599  for 2 full days and 1 evening.

Work-book and morning and afternoon tea and coffee included.



Is the Healthy Divorce Program for me?
If your relationship is breaking down and you want to overcome the feelings of overwhelm, grow, learn from your past and create a happy, healthy and inspired life, then this Program is for you. If you are close to someone who is going through a divorce, the Program will show you how you can assist your loved ones.
Do I have to be separated or divorced to participate in the Program?
No. Although the Program focuses on individuals who are separated, separating or going through a divorce – it is also valuable for those individuals who are looking for effective tools to navigate the stresses of life and/or may be supporting close family or friends through a divorce.
Can my ex-partner and I participate in the Program together?
No. Although we are excited to hear that you both want to participate, this is an individual self-development and coaching program and we believe it’s best that you attend on your own.
Will the Healthy Divorce Program help me even if I have a toxic or difficult ex partner?
The Program is about you!  It teaches you empowering skills, personal boundaries and self-care. By participating in the Program you will discover powerful and effective ways of communicating( or not-communicating) with your ex-partner.
My ex-partner and I are co-parenting ... will the Program be beneficial for me?
Absolutely. If you feel that you require support and guidance to cope with co-parenting the Program is ideal for you.
Is the Program for men and women?
Yes. Having men and women share their experiences about relationships, separation and moving on from divorce is invaluable. Our participants state that going through the Program and learning the 7 Principles with both men and women is an enriching, positive and powerful experience for all.
Is the Healthy Divorce Program counselling?
No. There is no counselling in the Program. The Program is future-focused and designed to assist you to create a truly happy and amazing life, following your divorce or separation.
Is legal advice offered?
No. There is no legal advice or information offered in the Program.

Legal Disclaimer

The Healthy Divorce Program operates under the business known as Healthy Relationships Pty Ltd (ABN 89 619 865 280).

We do not offer any legal advice  or information.  We encourage participants to abide by a code of confidentiality and not discuss, disclose or reveal any information to any third parties outside the Healthy Divorce Program, unless they have the explicit consent of the person affected or involved. We are not counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists, nor are we associated with any medical or mental health professionals. We do not diagnose, nor do we recommend any forms of therapy or medication. We are a mentoring and coaching service, which supports  our clients when  they are going through a divorce or are separated. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Healthy Divorce Program and Healthy Relationships Pty Ltd disclaims all responsibility and liability to any person or participant, arising directly or indirectly from any person disclosing confidential information and any person or third party who relies or does not rely upon information provided in the Healthy Divorce Program.

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